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Zack Martin Senior editor

The following review written by one of the Software Informer contributors applies to version 12.9 Movie Collector allows you to manage your movie collection. You only have to specify the folder where your movies and TV series are stored; the program will automatically search and add them to its database.
Posters and DVD covers, actor details, IMDB ratings, etc. are also downloaded. You can even view the movie trailers within the program.

Movie Collector can function as a video library management tool. Barcode support allows you to add or loan movies just by scanning the DVD cover. This application can store the list of customers, along with their email IDs, addresses, web-pages, and photos.

When the list of movies gets pretty big, you can use a quick search upon the name of the movie, the actor, etc. You may also create custom filters to separate the collection into short lists; this can be useful for your customers, who need action movies, filmed after 2005, with English subtitles, for example.

This program includes all the tools necessary for managing a video store. It is also a great tool for home users.


  • Automatically downloads movie covers, and other details
  • Barcode scanning
  • Movie trailers can be viewed in the program


  • Interface is not very user-friendly
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trusted DOWNLOAD 17.9 MB

What's new in version 15.5

Version 15.5 build 2 (released on September 24, 2015) :
Now uses YouTube HTML5 player for movie trailers. Goodbye to Flash!

Adobe's v19 update for the Flash player (earlier this week) broke the way our software played movie trailers.
So to end these problems once and for all, we switched to using the YouTube HTML5 player.

This fixes the movie trailer problems many users have reported since the Flash v19 release.
Version 15.5 build 1 (released on September 21, 2015) :
Sync more fields to the CLZ Cloud and your mobile app!

In April, with v15 for PC & Mac and v3 for iOS/Android, we upgraded our Cloud Syncing to be easier, faster and more reliable.
Today, we're making the next step: syncing more fields.

In today's updates to all our movie-related tools, we are adding 6 more fields to the CLZ Cloud syncing:

The CLZ Cloud syncing and mobile apps now also support multiple Format values, e.g. Blu-ray and DVD.
The Seen It info for episodes are now synced to/from the CLZ Cloud.

At the same time, all these 8 fields are now editable in the CLZ Movies mobile apps and Movie Connect!

Obviously, to synchronize these 8 fields between desktop and mobile, you need today's new versions on both sides:
Movie Collector 15.5 for Windows or Mac
CLZ Movies 3.1 for iOS or Android (also released today)

We strongly recommend to update all your programs and apps at the same time, at least before you sync with the CLZ Cloud again!

ALSO NOTE: after updating your Movie Collector desktop software, all movie entries that have data in one of the 8 new sync fields will be marked as "Modified", making sure they are synced UP TO the CLZ Cloud next time you sync. So in your first Cloud Sync you may suddenly see lots of movies being uploaded, this is expected, intended and necessary :-)
On some Windows system with non-English locale settings, the User Defined values didn't load.

Publisher's description

Movie Collector allows you to catalog your DVD and Blu-Ray movies.

Main features:
- Automatically create your DVD / Blu-Ray database.
- Browse, sort and search your movie collection.
- Upload your database online, for easy access & sharing with friends.

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    BlueHoss 6 years ago

    This is the program to keep track of a large collection of movie dvd's.