Movie Collector Movie Collector 5.6 Movie Collector is a great movie cataloging solution for Windows
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18.1 (See all) Movie Collector is a great movie cataloging solution for Windows. The only letdown is that it only really works if you are trying to build up a collection of DVD movies. I'll get to this later. The application is a single-window GUI that allows you to add movies to it and then browse through them. Adding movies can be done either automatically or manually. The best way to do it is to simply type in the name of your movie and hit search. The application will then connect to several online databases and look for your movie. It will then prompt you with results. Upon selecting a result, you get all of the data from that movie: year, genre, actors, synopsis, etc. You can even download cover art and screenshots if you look good enough. The application also works great for TV series DVDs. The one drawback I found is that if you collect DIVX movies instead of DVDs it is hard to find those on the online services. This application could also use an automatic mode for inputting several movies at once, from a text list, for example. Either way, the application is great at what it does. And looking for your movies in an orderly fashion works great. Album art is really helpful and cool-looking too.

José Fernández
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  • Great for DVDs
  • Can possibly get it for free by using the trialpay service


  • Not so great for DIVX movies
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