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This tool lets you create movie catalogs with ease
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This application lets you create well-organized, neat, nice-looking movie catalogs which are easy to browse, to update and to modify. Its most important advantage is the fact that it can automatically download all kind of information for the movies that you want to catalog, including images, cast and crew data, plots and so on.

I really like that all that Movie Collector requires in order to automatically retrieve the film data is the title of that movie or the bar code of the DVD or Blu-ray disc. Then it will automatically download cast and crew information, movie plots, episode lists, cover arts and more. This will make your movie catalog look truly great, with images and complete information for each movie.

Another big plus of using Movie Collector is the fact that it offers complex and effective sorting and searching capabilities for your movie catalog. The movie list displaying modes can be customized in numerous ways, letting you choose exactly how you view and browse the films (Images View, List View and Cover Flow are the default ones, but you can also group and view the movies in folders or in other ways). Wish lists or loan lists can also be easily created and managed, helping you easily track even the movies that you don’t posses at the current time.

Furthermore, Movie Collector provides with comprehensive sharing and exporting features, which enable you to synchronize your movie catalog across different devices and locations or to upload it online.

In my opinion, Movie Collector is one of those very few applications that completely justify their prices. And it’s not even expensive.

Margie Smeer
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  • Can automatically download all kinds of movie information
  • Lets you manage wish lists and loan lists
  • A lot of customization options


  • None that I can think of
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